Vision, mission and aims


​At St Monica's, we are an inclusive learning community that inspires, challenges and supports each other, with faith and compassion, to 'Go and do likewise' (Luke 10:37).


  • To create an inclusive school community of care where each member feels welcomed and nurtured.
  • To promote an active partnership between the school, home, parish and wider community.
  • To treat each community member with justice, dignity and compassion.
  • To help each community member find through God, meaning and value in their lives.
  • To promote a safe and happy work and learning environment.
  • To challenge each community member to be responsible stewards of creation.
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum, which acknowledges, promotes and celebrates the particular God-given gifts and talents of each student.
  • To expand learning opportunities for students by utilising new technologies.
  • To challenge each student to participate in all activities of the school to their full potential.
  • To encourage the development of excellent professional skills in staff.


In All Things May God be Glorified

St Monica’s School was established in 1921 and administered by the Sisters of The Good Samaritan, whose charism was based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

In the spirituality of St Monica’s School we strive

  • to develop a deeper communion with God and with each other
  • to embrace hospitality, welcoming difference without judgement or prejudice
  • to cherish the whole of creation.

​St Monica’s School, the School Board and P&F and all of its operations and endeavours are called by God to listen with a compassionate and just heart to our neighbour.