Our principal

Welcome to St Monica’s School, Oakey.  My name is Luke Barrett and I have been Principal here since 2019.

At St Monica’s, education is about supporting and nurturing a child’s natural curiosity for learning and equipping them with the knowledge and skills that they will need for life.

We believe in investing in a child’s ability to progress towards meaningful goals and equip them with skills for life.

In the classroom, high expectations coupled with expert teaching means that students grow to love learning both inside and beyond the school gates.

Modelled on research based best practice and traditional teaching methods in reading, writing and numeracy, our teaching practice at St Monica’s integrate modern principles based on the latest data and research for best learning outcomes.

Our students are supported daily by expert teachers who work with our Middle Leader and Learning Support Teacher to develop exceptional curriculum planning, and high quality teaching and learning programs to ensure student success.

My goal for every graduate of St Monica’s is that when they leave our school, they are a well-rounded individual who is not only prepared and excited to continue their journey of learning in high school but are a confident and caring young person.

Partnering with families to further a child’s learning is a privilege that I take seriously, and I value working with parents to support their children’s learning and build on what they learn at home.

If you have any questions or are considering St Monica’s for your child's primary schooling, I invite you to visit our school or make contact with us.