Our staff

St Monica's School is fortunate to employ a team of fully qualified professionals, dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical and social wellbeing of our students.

The staff take on many responsibilities in addition to the quality education of pupils in their classes.

Principal – Mr Luke Barrett

APRE and ML Teaching and Learning – Mrs Rebecca McGregor

Year 6 Teachers – Miss Kaylene Keleher, Ms Vicki Nauschutz

Year 5B Teachers – Mrs Kaylene Bruggemann, Mrs Emma Slatter

Year 5R Teacher - Mrs Brenda Roberts

Year 4A Teacher - Mrs Cheryl Anderson,

Year 4M Teacher - Mrs Sarah Malone

Year 3 Teacher - Mrs Ayden Ah Quay/ Mrs Chris Conneely (from Term 2)

Year 2 Teacher – Miss Lauren Grant

Year 1 Teacher – Miss Rebecca Smith

Prep Teacher – Mrs Nicole Hoffmann

Music Teacher – Mrs Kate Hughes

Digital Technologies Teacher - Miss Kaylene Keleher

Arts Teacher – Mrs Rebecca McGregor

Visual Arts Teacher - Mrs Chris Conneely

PE Teacher - Mrs Kaylene Bruggemann 

Teacher Librarian – Mrs Mandie Tindall

Learning Support Teacher – Mrs Elizabeth Smith

School Administration Officer – Mrs Lyndell Gillam

School Officers – Mrs Thelma Bain, Mrs Rebecca Booth, Mrs Christine Byers, Mrs Carmel Cooper, Mrs Kym Owens, Mrs Kate Paige, Mrs Ann-Maree Tyrie, Mrs Tammy McGrath

Groundsperson – Michael Brooks